BS Show Cages

If you wish to show your birds at a Budgerigar Society (BS) show, all exhibits must be shown in a standard BS approved show cage. All of my budgie show cages are produced to the BS approved standards and specifications which means that they can be used to exhibit your budgies at BS shows.

I hold an official BS show cage manufacturer licence (licence number: SCM80)

Standard BS Approved Show Cages:

I offer both single and team cages which you can use to exhibit budgies at BS shows:

Single BS Show Cage

Single BS Show Cage

Used to exhibit a single budgie at BS shows

Water bottle not included

£35.00 (not including delivery)

Team BS Show Cage

Team BS Show Cage

Used to exhibit 4 or 6 budgies at BS shows

Water bottles not included

£45.00 (not including delivery)

How To Order:

To place your order or make an enquiry:

Please phone: 07816348284

For further details visit the 'Order & Contact' page.

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